The "Nederlands Concert Mannenkoor", or "NCM"

as it is called, is the result of a 1997 amalgamation of two choirs.Both choirs originated from a 'occasional choir' which made a concert trip to Canada in 1987. Since both choirs virtually had the same goals, the amalgamation can be considered a natural one. Both choirs have given numerous concerts at home as well as abroad. The choir has sung in Belgium, Germany, Austria, USA, Canada and the UK. Memorable are the performances in the famous Salzburg Cathedrat (Austria) and the Los Angeles Christal Cathedral (US). All these concerts are responsible for the respectable reputation the NCM currently enjoys. The Choir's beautiful timbre cannot only be heard during concerts but also on several CD recordings. The NCM's goal is stimulating and further developing chorat singing in Holland. With that objective in mind, the choir offers singers from all over Holland a platform to rehearse, study and perform. An NCM's choirist is an - obligatory - member of a local choir. Thus, the knowledge and experience gathered with the NCM, wilt benefit other choirs direct. On top of that, the NCM hopes that the interest for choral singing will be stimulated by giving concerts.
The NCM also wants to be a platform for 'outside' semi-professional singers, but also has members of its own with trained voices which regulary make a valuable contribution to the choir's concerts.